About Us

Crowdless is designed by lanterne.ai. We are an award-winning social enterprise who specialise in crisis technology. Our mission is to use data to improve safety and promote economic development.

Lanterne has received funding and support from: the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre UK, the European Union’s Big Data Corridor Program, the University of Oxford’s Oxford Foundry, London School of Economics (LSE) Generate, Santander Universities and Yoti.

Media and Press

Lanterne's Team

Sebastian Müller

Co-Founder, CTO

Sebastian is Lanterne’s Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product. He specialises in natural language processing and machine learning. He holds an MSc from the London School of Economics where he has previously taught NLP.

Yohan Iddawela

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Yohan is a Geographic Information Systems specialist. His PhD is in Economic Geography from the London School of Economics. He has previously worked as an economist for the Institute for State Effectiveness in Afghanistan and Puerto Rico, and for the Australian Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Alex Barnes

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Alex is a political scientist. His DPhil is in International Development from the University of Oxford. He has previously worked as a senior analyst for IHS Markit advising Fortune 500 companies, as well as for the Australian Department of Defence in both Canberra and Afghanistan.

Mateusz Bednarski

Lead Software Engineer

Mateusz is a full-stack developer who also specialises in blockchain and graphic design. His BSc is in Computer Science from King’s College London.

Wian Stipp

Lead Data Scientist

Wian specialises in machine learning. He has experience in natural language processing with social media, computer vision and deep learning. He is also serial entrepreneur, having co-founded med-tech startup Intelocare. His BSc is in Mathematics from the London School of Economics.

Edoardo Pona

Full Stack Developer

Edoardo is a full-stack developer who also specialises in machine learning and blockchain. His BSc is in Computer Science from King’s College London.

Chris Mann

Operations and Business Development Advisor

Chris is assisting with operations, grants management and business development at Crowdless. He is the Co-Founder of Fieldworks, a B2B platform that helps you find and connect with proven social impact organisations quickly and confidently. He has almost 2 decades of experience in the private sector and the humanitarian field. He has previously worked for Save the Children, Merlin, and ACTED.

Sarah Tyler

Marketing and Communications Advisor

Sarah specialises in creating compelling communications for emergency responses. She has previously been a spokesperson for two global NGOs and as a journalist for the Associated Press. She has also worked for GSMA, Save the Children, and Transparency International.

Richa Udayana


Richa works on communications for Crowdless, and has previously worked as a journalist and media professional in India, focusing on human rights, press freedom and poverty from a policy perspective in developing economies.

Sam Watts

Legal Officer

Sam is Lanterne’s Legal Officer. He is currently a Senior Crown Prosecutor for the UK Crown Prosecution Service. He was previously a Legal Officer for the Australian Federal Police. He is also a serial entrepreneur who has previously founded legal-tech and e-commerce businesses.
Stephanie Crowdless

Stephanie Muñoz Visbal

UI/UX Designer

Stephanie is Crowdless’s UI/UX designer. She specialises in user-centred design and has experience with Figma and Sketch. She is passionate about frontend development with React Native and has a background in the social sciences.

Olivia Hawe

Partnerships Advisor

Olivia is assisting Crowdless with partnerships. She was previously a program manager for global operations at AirBnB, and the Head of Operations for Stasher. She holds a BSc from Oxford University.

John-Henry Barac

UI/UX Advisor

John-Henry is an accomplished human-centred designer and user researcher. He specialises in (UX), Information Architecture (IA), with an emphasis on iPhone, iPad and Android applications; Digital News Design; Typography; Branding and Identity; and Presentation design. He has previously worked for the Guardian News Media, Pro Publica, Shazam, HM Passport Office and HM Courts & Tribunal Service.