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We know that practicing social distancing is vital to avoid the worst impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. But it will continue to be necessary for people to go out in public to access essential goods and services.

Crowdless (formerly Keep Your Distance) provides live data across the globe on the crowdedness of places so that you can choose the best place and the best time to visit while maintaining social distance. We provide data on supermarkets.

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Crowdless Social Distancing
Crowdless Social Distancing

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Crowdless will remain free and accessible to everyone. This is in line with our commitment to use our expertise to promote social good in times of need.

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We use existing data sources and crowdsourced data

We use a combination of existing data sources and crowdsourced data to ensure that users have real-time information on how crowded places are.

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As a volunteer community ambassador, you’ll lead efforts to help your community members have up-to-date info on how crowded places are.


About Us

Crowdless is designed by We are an award-winning social enterprise whose mission is to use data to improve safety and promote economic development.

Lanterne has received funding and support from: the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre UK, the European Union’s Big Data Corridor Program, the University of Oxford’s Oxford Foundry, London School of Economics (LSE) Generate, Santander Universities and Yoti.

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Crowdless Social Distancing

Data Privacy

Data privacy is extremely important to us. The Crowdless app does not collect any personal identifiable data and your current location is used for the sole purpose of displaying the most relevant search results.

Here is our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Our partner in data privacy is Adapt, a UK-based social enterprise that specialises in data security, data privacy and data ethics.